Troy Shows Up Apparel

Show up in character with our top quality apparel that will make a bold and positive statement to family and friends. Share the message of “Showing Up”



About Us

TroyShowsUp is taking a postivie message of living beyond adversities by taking opportunities as a way to prepare for success by examining choices and never giving up.

All merchandise purchased will help us send the message in schools and where ever an opportunity shows up giving us the chance to make a positive influence on today’s youth. Thank you for your support. 




We offer a variety of shirts that fits you style.


Taking “Troy Shows Up” to “I Showed Up” on these stylish innovating hoodie collections will give you the experience of living the bold and positive statement of showing up, being proud, and “living out loud”.


We offer a variety of designs and merchandise that can serve a purpose of just wearing a positive message.


Troyshowsup carrier bag offers the right size for all occasions.  Travel, sports, school and more…